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Orientation, Fall 2007

On Sunday September 2 in the large frescoed ballroom in Perugia’s town hall, the famous the Sala dei Notari, Umbra’s newly arrived students began their orientation for the fall semester.

Starting with Director of Academics, Dr.Carol Clark, each of the Umbra staff members had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to speak briefly about their area of expertise. Professor Antonella Valoroso introduced her newest courses at Umbra, an honors course entitled “Constructing a National Identity: History, Culture, Art and Society in 19th Century Italy” and “La Civiltà Italiana Teatro e Opera” taught entirely in Italian. The lively Officer Canseschi of the Polizia di Stato spoke about Italian laws and safety. And Chris Callas, from Arcadia University Center for Education Aboad, topped off the presentations with a welcome congratulations and welcome speech to all participants.

Orientation is just that, an opportunity to “orient” students to navigate in a new culture, and to assuage unfounded fears and encourage independent exploration. Despite jet-lag, the students were excited and the orientation ended with the traditional photo on the steps of Perugia’s cathedral.

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