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Umbra Professor Publishes in Prestigious Journal

Umbra Institute Art History Professor Dr. Adrian Hoch’s paper on a Florentine tabernacle was published in “Mitteilungen des Kunsthistorischen Institutes in Florenz,” one of the oldest and most prestigious art-historical journals in the world.

Drawing from previously unpublished documents from the early seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, “New notices from the Florentine Baroque on the Trecento Chiarito Tabernacle” treats of a fourteenth-century tabernacle in Florence, which depicts the food-related Eucharistic visions of a beato called Blessed Chiarito del Voglia. The tabernacle is currently displayed in an exhibition on Giotto and early fourteenth-century Florentine paintings at the Getty Center Los Angeles, where Hoch worked and studied in 1985. 

When Hoch learned two years ago that her article would be published, she was “thrilled,” she told the Umbra Institute. “I am quite honored to have my work appear in their journal.”

Hoch has been publishing her work for more than 30 years. This summer, she is working on two more pieces to publish in the future.

“Dr. Hoch aims in particular to publish articles which, in addition to making a contribution to a specialized area of knowledge, will be likely to have notable impact on wider critical debate in her field,” said Anna Girolimetti, resident director and director of administrative affairs at Umbra. “In doing so, the Umbra Institute would like to extend its sincere thanks to Professor Hoch for her effortless publishing contribution.”

Also a visiting professor at NYU in her home city, Florence, Hoch has taught art history classes at the Umbra Institute since fall 2008. Next semester, she will teach Survey of Italian Renaissance and Mannerist Art and Special Topics: Leonardo da Vinci.

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