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Psychology Class: Out in the Perugian Community

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘research’?

Slogging through countless yellowing textbooks, skimming article after article through online databases, tossing cup after empty cup of coffee into the library trash can?  For the students in PYIR 450: Community-Based Research in Psychology , research is an entirely different matter: it involves immersing themselves in Perugia’s bustling social sphere to interact with local Italians. For the past two class periods, small groups of brave students and their intrepid leader, Professor John Dennis, have been surveying an assortment of Perugians they happen upon while out in the city. The surveys conducted are meant to prepare them for their own research projects, which they will work on in the last weeks of the semester.

The students were equipped with an iPad and iPhone loaded with software used to record and analyze survey responses; they will use the same tech devices and software to conduct their own research. The class is focused on the theme of “Self vs. Other,” and four groups of students will be researching concepts of ownership, culture, morality, and goals. The class will present their findings during the Umbra Special Academic Events: Community Engagement Presentations on December 10th.

Armed with surveys, and iPad, an iPhone, and the help of Prof. Dennis, the class conducts research out in Umbra community
Armed with surveys, and iPad, an iPhone, and the help of Prof. Dennis, the class gets out in Umbra community

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