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Service Learning Projects

On Tuesday, December 14, members of the Umbra community (students, staff and professors) gathered in the historical Palazzo Sorbello while students from three different classes who have engaged in service learning projects shared their experiences and research.

The presentations represent various examples of the types of community engagements available at Umbra, ranging from interaction with local families and schools as well as companies with international operations, based out of Perugia.

Contemporary Italy. Culture and Society

Name of the project: La Famiglia Italiana –

  • Courney Earle and Bailey Smith
  • Katherine Enna and Phylicia Hoyt

Business in Europe/International Marketing Name of the Company: Umbra Cuscinetti S.p.A., Foligno

  • Jesse Schwend

Human Development in Culture

Name of the Project: Exploring the Italy ecology from one classroom to another

  • Marissa Garrock
  • Tom Albert
  • Emma Kong
  • Jennifer D’Olympio

Independent study in Psychology:

· Jennifer D’Olympio 

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