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Spring Break in Europe!

Last week Umbra students hopped here and there to sample the best Europe had to offer, and those of us who held down the fort here in good old Perugia were more than ready to hear their stories. Here’s an example of what took place during spring break study-abroad-style.

Kat Black and six of her fellow students left Perugia on a fine spring day bound for Switzerland, known of course for its remarkably clean and clear weather, towering Alps, and uncanny ability to manufacture some of Earth’s best chocolate.


The first day of the trip was spend exploring trails and paths surrounding quiet Interlaken, whichyielded magnificent panoramas and sweeping views of massive, true blue lakes and reaching white summits. On the second day it was all for the Alpine slopes, kicks being exchanged for ski boots, sweatshirts for heavy sweaters and thick jackets. Fresh powder had fallen the night before, making for a great and, well, powerdy time. Having spent the day shredding the powder, riding gondolas and becoming human ice-cubes, our adventurers had a warm, not too Italian dinner of juicy hamburgers (wait, aren’t those German?) followed by a hardy dose of sleep.

The next part of the trip took adventuring to a literally higher level, allpersons involved opting either to skydive or paraglide (none of which are for this author!) But then again, the best way to see Switzerland would have to be from the air… Or so we’re told…

Once safely on the gound again, the last bit of an awesome week was spent perusing a Swiss chocolate fair, which included nearly every sort of chocolate imaginable-no surprise there-and countless demonstrations of how to make, and naturally eat, chocolate. Sounds wonderful, right?
See all the pictures — and full-sized ones, at that — with the gallery below!

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