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Students are almost on their way!

Here we are again, getting ready to greet another group of students! With the impending arrivals, Umbra staff are doing their usual preparations: making sure the busses are ready to bring students up from Fiumicino, putting the final touches on orientation preparation, and enjoying the warming Umbrian sun.

Once the students arrive, the Umbra staff takes great care to make sure that they are well-situated in their new home. They get oriented in their new apartments, a run-through on places to shop (both for food and clothes!) around town, and a talk about safety in Italy. Following that, they jump straight into classes… quite the load for the first few days!

The good news is that they’ll be coming into a city that is culturally rich — see the Umbria Jazz festival, the Green Days festival, and the many others that Perugia hosts — and surprisingly welcoming. Can’t wait for you all to get here!

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