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Students Visit Local Winery

Umbra students were invited to Cantina Goretti, a winery just outside Perugia to explore the Umbrian countryside as well as experience the unique taste of Umbrian wine. Sara Goretti, one of the owners of the vineyard, gave students a thourough tour of the vineyards and their wine-making facilities including barriques, vats and presses. The Goretti winery produces 400,000 bottles of wine each year.

The vineyard, situated on a hilltop outside Perugia, houses a tower that dates back to the 1200s. The tower’s main purpose was protection against invading enemies in Medieval times. Today it’s part of the winery and is used as a tasting room and guest house. While at the cantina, students tasted five different wines from everyday table wines to extraordinary award-winning reds, reserved for more special occasions. (text by Regina Tingle, Coordinator of Student Services)

In photos: the fields around Cantina Goretti are bare in late fall; Regina Tingle and Remy Shu (Elon University) discuss one the white wines they sampled in Goretti’s 13th century tower; Goretti produces 400,000 bottles of wine annually which are first stored in wood barrels.

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