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Summer Art Show

The walls of the Umbra Institute’s Via Danzetta Studio radiated inspiration during Wednesday afternoon’s end-of-the-summer art show.

Students enrolled in Pastel Drawing and Photography courses rubbed elbows with their fellow students and Umbra staff and faculty, explaining their artistic choices as they enjoyed appetizers and sipped wine.

“We had a small group this semester, but look how much they’ve done,” said Martha Wakeman, longtime visiting Pastel Drawing professor at the Umbra Institute, as she gestured to the packed studio. “It’s just wonderful. I’m very proud.”

Wakeman’s class this summer ranged from first-time art students to full-time art majors.

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing the newer students’ work develop,” Wakeman said. She turned to Mari Humphreys, an art major from the University of South Carolina who took both Pastel Drawing and Photography. “And you’ve been able to add work to your portfolio, haven’t you?”

“I definitely have!” Humphreys replied.

She continued, “This has been great because I haven’t really had a real show like this in years. … It’s very rewarding.”

Don’t miss the General Studies and Chapman students’ last group activity: Umbra is hosting a farewell aperitivo at 7:30 p.m. Friday at il Birraio. See you there!

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