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Talents – Fall 2006

Every semester Umbra students protest that they have no talents, and yet every semester we of the staff are shocked at just how gifted they are. Last Thursday’s Spettacolo di Fine Corso (End of Semester Show, the talent show) was no different. Leading off the bill were Jen Dirviankis and Richella Hankins; the latter sang “The Light in the Piazza” while the former provided a beautiful musical accompaniment on the piano. After that was a riotous dance that had students cheering, featuring Jen Cacace, Caroline Hughes, Sam Patalano, and Mallory Miller. John Turns, Umbra’s own Eddie Vedder, was up next and wowed the crowd as he belted out a love song medley. Turns was followed by Melissa Smith Mallery, Lizzie Raymer, and Julia Behar, who sang a song to one of the friends they had made during the program.

The show wound up with some more institutional “acts,” which included awards for students in the Italian classes, as well as some staff-awarded “superlatives.” The show closed with a lively round of “Mauro The Red-Nosed Reindeer,” lead by staff member Mauro Renna (whose last name means “reindeer” in Italian).

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