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Travel Workshop Takes Off

Monday evening, Umbra students packed the school’s biggest classroom to participate in an hour-long Travel Workshop. The workshop was open to all and led by Umbra staff members Ian Lyons and Rachel Bethany as well as by Frankie Walsh from Stonehill College, who has returned for the spring semester after studying abroad in Perugia during the fall. The workshop covered the entire process of traveling independently, from researching your destinations on-line, comparing ticket prices and travel times between airline, trains, and bus lines, to how to handle unexpected difficult situations while away. Frankie recommends as the best website for researching low-cost flights, and everyone agreed that RyanAir is notoriously bad about charging hidden fees, despite their low ticket prices and convenient direct flights from Perugia. EasyJet and Vuelling were suggested as two other Low-Cost airlines with better customer service.

Fall 2011 student Catalina Perez in Pisa, one of Umbra students’ must-see travel destinations!

And here’s a question for recent Umbra Alums! Where were your favorite travel destinations from Perugia? Any advice for the new Umbra students as they plan to travel this spring?

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