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Umbra Alumna Returns to Italy

Umbra alumna, Julia Gabrick, an all-year student from 2004-2005 is back in Italy. This time, though, it’s not as a student but as a teacher. Julia will be working as a language assistant teaching English at a local high school in Lago di Garda, in northern Italy, in the region of Lombardia.

Julia found out about the opportunity through one of her Italian professors back home. The region of Lombardy offers internships to recent graduates who have a good understanding of the Italian language. Julia’s teaching stint will start in January and end in May. She’ll be in a homestay so that she will get plenty of practicing the Italian language that she loves so much. “I just can’t ever seem to get enough of Italy,” says Ms. Gabrick.

Julia graduated with a degree in European Studies from Mount Holyoke. We’re glad to have you back on the Vecchio Continente, Julia!

In Photo: Lake Garda

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