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Umbra Moves to New Palazzo in Perugia!

The Umbra Institute has acquired a new facility for the Fall 2008 semester. The new facility is located on Via Bartolo – one of Perugia’s central thoroughfares – located directly behind the main duomo. Literally within steps from the palazzo’s doors, students will find the main cathedral of Perugia (duomo), an Etruscan well, a location mentioned in Dante’s Divine Comedy, a Roman-era aqueduct, and plenty of shops, cafes, and restaurants. 

The Via Bartolo facility includes 7 classrooms (including space for new studio art courses: a digital photography lab and buon fresco classroom/studio), an expanded library and study rooms, faculty and staff offices, and student lounge space. The entire building has wireless internet access for student use. 

The Via Bartolo facility is the second location for the Umbra Institute. Umbra students will also have access to the main facility located on Via dei Priori.

In photos: (top left) a view of the palazzo, at right, and the main duomo on Via Bartolo; the view of Piazza Danti from a Via Bartolo classroom. 

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