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Umbra Pizza Workshop!

It was finally time for Professor Zach Nowak’s now-legendary pizza workshop. He accompanied students to Pizza e musica, where he gave them a quick history of pizza in Italy, beginning with Queen Margherita. Felice, a true neopolitan pizzaiolo, then showed them the basics of pizza making and even had them try their own hand at it. Who knew that once a pizza is in the wood oven – which, by the way, takes hours to get up to temperature – that it has to be quickly rotated in order to cook it evenly? How do these master pizzaioli manage to put five pizzas in at different times and still manage to have them all come out together, cooked perfectly? The answer: practice.

Of course, at the end of the demonstration and workshop, all the students were treated to their own fresh, wood oven-cooked pizza. Tasty!

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