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Umbra Shows its Talent

Yesterday night was Umbra’s semi-annual talent show, one of the closing events of the semester. The University of Perugia’s student union, called 100Dieci, was packed with Umbra students (and their Italian and other

 foreign friends) for yesterday’s performances, which showcased the varied talent of the student body. Krzysztof started off the show on the piano, and he was followed by Alex Streiff on the guitar, then a duet my Michael DePace and Elizabeth Napier.

The Italian classes contributed a number of songs – some Christmas songs, some not – and the show finished with an encore byDePace and Napier, and the traditional southern Italian Christmas song, “Mauro The Red-Nosed Reindeer,” sung in unison to Umbra’s own Mauro Renna.

In the pictures: Krzysztof playing the piano; Michael DePace and Elizabeth Napier performance; Italian 310-B class singing all together.

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