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Unearthing the Past: A Journey with the Trasimeno Archaeology Field School

Based in Castiglione del Lago, near the shores of Lake Trasimeno, the Archaeology Field School offers a comprehensive blend of educational and adventurous experiences for those passionate about history. This summer, 19 students from across the United States were welcomed to join this six-week program.

This project is led in collaboration with DePauw University and the Comune of Castiglione del Lago, and it’s structured around two key courses: ARCH / CLAS 325, which delves into the Etruscan and Roman heritage of Central Italy, and ARCH / CLAS 350, an Archaeological Field Workshop that bridges classroom theory with actual fieldwork. Recent campaigns have unearthed remarkable finds, such as a Roman building complex and a kiln, enriching students’ hands-on experience with real-world discoveries that highlight the continuous human footprint in this region since antiquity.

The school is led by Dr Rebecca Schindler and Dr Pedar W. Foss, both scholars and archaeologists from DePauw University, and Professor Giampiero Bevagna from the Umbra Institute.


Beyond Excavation
Beyond the dig sites, the program offers more than just excavation. Students participate in setting up an archaeological museum in Castiglione del Lago, providing a rare chance to engage with museum curation and the preservation of historical artifacts. Educational field trips to al key historicsites, facilitated by the town’s convenient location on the train line between Rome and Florence, offer additional layers of contextual learning, making history both accessible and engaging.

This immersive approach does not only aim to unearth artifacts but also to weave together the narrative of past civilizations, offering students a vivid understanding of how historical layers overlap in the landscapes of Central Italy. As they dig, catalog, and curate, participants of the Trasimeno Archaeology Field School gain not just academic knowledge but a profound connection to the ancient lives they are uncovering.

Stay tuned to learn more about this summer discoveries!

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