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Welcome Aperitivo at Argentina

Yesterday night the Umbra student body and staff got together for what usually is a short aperitivo (small before dinner “meal” with appetizers), but what turned into a several hour eating affair. Argentina is a local steakhouse that also has a great aperitivo. Students enjoyed finely-sliced mortadella, spicy southern sausage, pasta salad, soft sausage on a lettuce bed drizzled with thickaceto balsamico, several kinds of cheeses, and potatoes roasted in a brick oven, to boot. 

Suffice it to say that instead of the hour-long event that everyone had had in mind, most of the group hung around eating and making new friends until almost ten-thirty at night. The event is one of a number of group events. The next one is the first meeting of the Tandem language exchange program, Wednesday the 27th.

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