General Studies Program

Roman Civilization- The Umbra Institute

An Archaeology class on a field trip to Herculaneum.

The General Studies program is open to all students and allows for maximum flexibility when choosing courses at the Umbra Institute. Students enroll full-time for a minimum of 12 credits and complete at least one course in Italian language or an elective course taught in Italian for advanced students.


For students who are uncertain of their proficiency of level of Italian, select the course that you feel is suitable on your course selection form. During Orientation, Umbra Italian faculty will administer an placement exam to ensure that you are in the appropriate level.


The Umbra Institute offers the following Italian courses:

ITLN 101: Elementary Italian I – 4 cr.
ITLN 102: Elementary Italian II – 4 cr.
ITLN 110: Intensive Elementary Italian – 6 cr.

ITLN 201: Intermediate Italian I – 4 cr.
ITLN 202: Intermediate Italian II – 5 cr.
ITLN 210: Intensive Intermediate Italian – 6 cr.

ITLN 310: Advanced Italian: Conversation & Composition – 6 cr.

LIIT 420: Il Racconto Italiano: Italian Short Story – 3 cr.
ISIL 498: Independent Study in Italian Language – 3 cr.

(*Depending on enrollment)


Once the appropriate Italian course is selected, students may choose freely from the wide variety of elective courses available (minimum of 12 credits per semester). See our courses offered pages for an up-to-date list.


Example – A typical semester for General Studies student may look as follows:


ITLN 101: Elementary Italian

AHST 371: Leonardo da Vinci: Artist, Genius and Scientist
ARPH 210: Introduction to Photography: Portfolio of Perugia

CWIT 340: Italian Tales and Stories: Creative Writing Through Litrerary Models

HSRC 330: Roman Civilization and Daily Life
Total: 17 credits

4 cr
4 cr.
3 cr.
3 cr.
3 cr.

Honors Courses: Students who meet the selection criteria may enroll in honors courses as part of their curriculum. To enroll, confirm that you meet the minimum requirements and simply select the honors course as part of your curriculum.


i-Courses: Students with an intermediate Italian proficiency level (one year of college level Italian or more) are eligible to enroll in the “i-” courses. Standard 3-credit courses ending in “i” in the course catalog and on the website (ex. THIT 360i: Mafia, Murder, and Mystery: Crime in Italian and American Cinema and Literature) include an additional one-credit Italian language section for a total of 4 credits. They provide an academic credit that can be transferred to specific areas such as literature, media studies, sociology as well as an Italian major or minor at the student’s home institution. Please click here to find out more!


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