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2-15-2010 Italian For All Seasons — and Levels

The Umbra Institute offers a wide range of options for learning Italian.

Io sono, tu sei, lui è… Learning a language isn’t just about learning the conjugation of a verb, it’s about experiencing a culture. At the Umbra Institute, though, we know that there are many reasons for learning Italian, and so we offer a variety of approaches.

During the Fall and Spring semesters, students who follow the General Studies track take most of their classes in English but have one obligatory language and culture class. This can be either the four credit-hour course or the six-credit intensive Italian course, designed to give the student even more contact with the grammar and vocabulary.

For students who would like to concentrate completely on the language, there are two different language immersion programs. During the Fall and Spring semesters, students can choose to have their lessons at the University for Foreigners, a world-famous school for university level Italian instruction. When taking classes through the Umbra Institute students will receive credits transferable to their home institution. In the summer months the immersion option is the Intensive Italian Through Culture program, directed by Professor Robert Proctor of Connecticut College. Much like the Full Immersion program at the University for Foreigners, this course is taught entirely in Italian and provides a quantum leap for those studying the language more seriously.

Io vengo, tu vieni, lei viene… We hope you’ll come to the Umbra Institute, where learning Italian isn’t simply learning the language, it’s living Italy.

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