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iStudy Courses

Looking for that certain course to make the most of your semester abroad? Why not explore our offerings of accredited independent study courses online! The Umbra Institute, in cooperation with the University of Mississippi iStudy center, now offers a wide variety of remote courses in disciplines you won’t find among our standard offerings. And, all remote courses follow precisely the Umbra academic calendar – start, end, midterms, and finals – so you complete all your courses – entirely during your semester at Umbra. One-on-one remote sessions with the professor provide a level of personalized learning and interaction not possible with traditional remote learning. Although you will follow a defined lesson plan in the syllabus, you will also be able to explore in detail your interests in the subject with expert instructors, all with the support and oversight for the highest degree of academic success.

Now more than Ever, Study Abroad is Possible!

iStudy courses are offered specifically to help students satisfy special curricular needs that would otherwise make it difficult, if not impossible, for them to study abroad for a full semester. Students may only take one iStudy online course as part of their full-time semester curriculum (14 – 16 credits) to ensure they still enjoy the fully immersive study abroad experience found only at Umbra.

Students enrolled in an iStudy course also work closely with the on-site iStudy program coordinator, with whom they will meet throughout the semester. The program coordinator monitors students’ progress, ensures milestones are reached, and schedules proctors for exams. 


iStudy courses provide a wide variety of additional course options to meet the diverse curricular interest and needs of our students. And as always, Umbra is there to provide the support and guidance required to ensure the highest level of academic integrity and success! 


College of Liberal Arts

BISC 102 Inquiry into Life- Human Biology
BISC 104 Inquiry into Life – The Environment
CHEM 103 Survey of Chemistry I
CHEM 201 Environmental Chemistry I
CHEM 271 Biochemical Concepts
CLC 106 Classical Mythology
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 203 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 303 Money and Banking
G ST 201 Introduction to Gender Studies
G ST 301 Special Topics: Gender and Poverty
G ST 391 Women, Gender & the Environment
MATH 115 Elementary Statistics
MATH 121 College Algebra
MATH 123 Trigonometry
MATH 261 Unified Calculus & Analytic Geometry I
MATH 267 Calculus for Business, Economics, and Accountancy I
PHIL 351 Philosophy of Religion
PSY 320 Cognitive Psychology
THEA 205 Cinema Survey 1: 1880s to 1945
THEA 206 Cinema Survey 2: 1945 to 21st Century

School of Accountancy

ACCY 201 Introduction to Accounting Principles I
ACCY 202 Introduction to Accounting Principles II

School of Applied Sciences

CJ 100 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 120 Intro to Corrections view Dr. Linda Keena
CJ 300 Ethics in Legal Studies
CJ 310 Law Enforcement Process and Policy
CJ 320 Correctional Treatment Strategies
CJ 422 Probation, Parole and Community Correction
CJ 444 Law of Corrections
CJ 450 Criminal Justice Research
CJ 499 Colloquium in Criminal Justice
EDDE 507 Safety Education
ES 396 Allied Health Terminology


School of Applied Sciences

LA 201 Introduction to Law
LA 204 Legal Research/Writing I
LA 205 Legal Research/Writing Il
LA 421 Special Topics in Legal Studies: Correctional Law
NHM 311 Basic Nutrition
NHM 328 Child Development
SRA 200 Park and Recreation Program Leadership
SRA 262 Introduction to Therapeutic Recreation
SRA 332 Outdoor Recreation
SRA 371 Camp Leadership
SRA 375 Recreational Sports Programming
ES 511 Applied Statistics
HP 191 Personal and Community Health
HP 312 Behavioral Aspects of Weight Management

School of Education

COUN 307 Educational Psychology
COUN 309 Psychology of Adolescence
EDDE 507 Safety Education
EDRD 300 Foundations of Reading Instruction
EDRD 429 Reading in the Secondary School
EDSP 308 Introduction to Special Education
EDLS 301 Children’s Literature K-8 

School of Engineering

CSCI 103 Survey of Computing
CSCI 191 Office Applications
GEOL 105 Environmental Geology

School of Journalism

IMC 104 Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communication
JOUR 101 Introduction to Journalism 

School of Pharmacy

PHAD 395 Medical Ethics

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Guidelines for Partricipation

Enrolling in Online courses is easy. Simply indicate the course you need in the course selection form when submitting your application for admission. Once we have confirmed your admission and enrollment you are all set! We will be in touch to provide the course guide and plan the schedule. Please note that:

Only one online course may be taken per semester
Courses begin and end with the traditional Umbra courses but you will be put in contact with your professor prior to arrival in Italy.
It is your sole responsibility to get approval from your home university for the iStudy course if you wish to receive transfer credit. Syllabi and Instructors credentials are available.
iStudy courses carry an additional fee due to the on-on-one learning and instructional support and oversight. See each course description for details.
In addition to your course obligations, students must check in with the Umbra Online Program Coordinator as required throughout the semester
All iStudy courses will appear on the Umbra grade report and a separate University of Mississippi transcript