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The Umbra Institute staff is preparing for the arrival of the Fall 2007 class – a diverse group of students from around the United States interested in studying and living in one of Italy’s most authentic cities.

There is no doubt this semester will be a transforming experience for Umbra students. There are new courses offered this fall; among them: an Honors course on Constructing a National Italian Identity, a history course on the architecture and Papacy of St. Peter’s cathedral and the Vatican, and a course on American and European foreign policy since World War II (taught by former academic director, Dr. Charles Jarvis).

In addition to the new experiences in Umbra’s frescoed classrooms, students will also have plenty of opportunities to explore the city of Perugia, the various regions of Italy, and hot spots in Europe. The staff has also planned several optional excursions to the island of Capri and a weekend in a Tuscan farmhouse.

Plan to follow the events and experiences of the Fall 2007 students on Umbra’s blog!

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