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Back to the Future

No need to check your calendar. It’s not Halloween yet. The people dressed in Medieval costumes are actually the Medieval Cultures course students and professor. The class was transported back in time as they dined on traditional cuisine from recipes dating back hundreds of years. What was the setting for such a feast you ask? The ancient Roman theatrefrom the 1st century A.D. in Bevagna cleverly transformed into a Medieval house.

Bevagna is home to Il Mercato delle Gaite, a market that prides itself on producing goods such as candles, bells, and paper using Medieval techniques and equipment. Students saw first-hand how paper was made thanks to the Master Paper-maker, Signor Proietti’s tour of his workshop. After the dinner feast and a tour of the town’s churches, it was time to come return to the 21st century and Perugia.


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