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Bentornati! Umbra and Perugia Ready for Fall Reopening

The whole Umbra Institute community is awaiting the arrival of the students in the Fall 2021 cohort, who will come to a city bathed in the later summer sun. Perugia has always been welcoming to American and all other foreign students, but this semester’s students are the first since the pandemic closed down the city in March 2020.

Perugia is the capital of Umbria, which boasts one of Italy’s highest vaccination rates: just over 85% of Umbrians have had at least one dose and 75% are fully vaccinated. As of today, Italy itself is among the safest destinations in Europe, thanks to the measures adopted in the country to combat the spread of the virus.

The main initiative allowing a safe return to normal life is probably the so-called Green Pass (the EU digital Covid vaccination certificate). In Italy, the Green Pass system came into effect on August 6: the certificate must be shown to access all sorts of services, such as public ground transport, domestic and international flights, restaurants and cafés, cultural events, museums, theaters, cinemas, gyms, and pools. Anyone who has been vaccinated against Covid-19 can get this certificate.

If you are wondering whether vaccinated American citizens are able to access all the above mentioned services, the answer is YES! The Italian government has authorized the US white card bearing a CDC logo as proof of vaccination equivalent to the Green Pass. In addition, to keep the infection and the ICU occupancy rates at their current low levels, the Italian government declared that booster shots (a third dose of vaccine) will be available beginning at the end of September.   

The Umbra Institute has been very careful to define policies that put the safety of students, staff, and professors in the foreground. As required by Italian law, Umbra’s strict anti-COVID protocol has been approved by the authorities.

Everything is in place for a smooth fall semester: a bright Perugia can’t wait to show its best to the new study abroad students!

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