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Bring Your Own Baci!

This post is for anyone who has ever loved Perugia or enjoyed a delicious “bacio,” the iconic chocolate-covered-hazelnut treat made famous by Perugia’s own chocolate factory, Perugina. The credit for this video goes to Kara Foran, a recent student at the University for Foreigners in Perugia and a good friend of several Umbra staff members. About the video and her time in Perugia, Kara says: 

Saying Perugia was an incredible experience is the understatement of the year. In my short time in Italy, I learned a romantic language, made friends that I can never forget and learned about a culture in a way you cannot learn without living it. The baci film was created from wanting to produce a film that illustrates the friendship and love we share in Perugia. That’s when I thought chocolate would be perfect!

Check out her video below, starring Umbra’s own Mauro Renna and Caitlin Addlesperger!

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