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Ceramics for UNICEF: Volunteering during the Holidays

UNICEF Ornaments Ornaments on display in Quasar Village

This year, the ARCW 350: Introduction to Ceramics class used some of their extra ceramics materials and free time to contribute to the local UNICEF chapter by creating holiday ornaments. The ornaments are currently on sale both at the Umbra Institute and at various locations throughout Perugia, such as the Quasar and Emisfero Shopping Centers. Funds raised from ornament sales, like those raised through the Pigotta doll project, will go toward paying for vaccinations and lifesaving medical assistance that is provided to women and children affected by poverty.

Students studying ceramics at Umbra designed holiday ornaments to raise funds for UNICEF

The project began when a representative from UNICEF, Maria Luisa Blasi, came to speak with the class about the organization, its goals and its work. Julia Mericle, a student from Saint Bonaventure University, assisted with the UNICEF ornament project and felt inspired by it. She said that she wants to encourage her friends back home to learn more about UNICEF and “brainstorm ideas for ways our classes back at Saint Bonaventure might be able to get involved with this organization as well.”

The Umbra Institute is excited about the enthusiasm that students direct toward its partnership with UNICEF each semester. Umbra looks forward to continuing its work with local UNICEF members in the semesters and years to come.

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Unicef at Quasar
UNICEF is set up at Quasar Village and Emisfero Shopping Centers
Ornaments and Pigotta dolls are on sale at the Umbra Institute


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