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Coffee Workshop

What’s the connection between monkeys, monks, and the cappuccino? Why is a caffè hip but a caffè in vetro (in a little class cup) even hipper? What does the Yemeni port Al-Moka have to do with coffee history? Did an Ethiopian goat discover our favorite hot beverage?

Food Studies Program students listening to Mauro Renna describe how to use a moka at the Coffee Workshop.

Students in the Umbra Institute’s Food Studies Program found out last night during the near-infamous Coffee Workshop. The workshop, part of a series of Food Practica designed to give a students a better understanding of Italian food culture in its historical context, was lead by Umbra history professor Zachary Nowak, with able assistance from staff member Mauro Renna. Students drank their way through macchiatos, shakeratoes, and even a caffè in vetro.

The next workshop is next week: The Italian Aperitivo.

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