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Rick Steves on Studying Abroad

Rick Steves in Italy

Rick Steves, one of America’s preeminent travelers and the creator of the eponymous “Rick Steves’ Guide to…”, recently wrote an article for USA Today about the necessity of studying abroad in an increasingly globalized world:

Is now the time to be devoting precious public funds to sending college kids overseas? Absolutely. Our world is one big, rapidly evolving marketplace. Employers crave graduates who are flexible, multilingual and comfortable in multicultural settings. Study abroad sharpens these skills and helps keep American workers competitive.

College students now find questions about their experience studying abroad on many graduate school applications.  Those students who have been fortunate enough to have an internship while overseas can also include that on their resumes, demonstrating advanced intercultural competency — which may be just the thing needed to get an excellent post-graduation job in this tough economy.

Photo credit: Marlene Tebbe. Creative Commons license.

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