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  • Discipline(s): Psychology
  • Available: Summer Session II
  • Course Type: Standard Courses
  • Taught in: English
  • Course Fee: TBA
  • Credits: 3
  • Course Travel: No

PSYC 250: Art Therapy

Important Note: This course was formerly ARPY 250.

Course Description
Art therapy uses different forms of creative expression to help people explore and transform feelings, thoughts, and ideas. It can help to process and cope with emotional issues as well as facilitate self-awareness, understanding, healing, and well-being. Art therapy can be especially useful for people who find it difficult to talk about their thoughts and emotions. In this course, students will examine theories and models of art therapy from an international and cross-cultural perspective. Through discussion of readings, sharing of experiences, group work, and art therapy activities, students will increase their understanding of the history, theory, practice, and applications of art therapy in various settings. No artistic aptitude or background is expected or necessary.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • have a deeper understanding and recognition of non-verbal communication;
  • critically think of personal beliefs, values, and judgements about health and wellness;
  • improve communication skills;
  • explore the history, theories, and applications of art therapy;
  • gain hands-on experience with the creative process as an approach to therapy and healing; and
  • describe, analyze, reflect, and evaluate their experiences of art therapy.

Course Materials and Lab Fee
Malchiodi, C. (2007). Art Therapy Sourcebook. McGraw Hill Professional.