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  • Discipline(s): Business and Marketing Psychology
  • Available: Fall Semester 2023 Spring Semester 2023
  • Course Type: Courses with Service Learning
  • Taught in: English
  • Course Fee: $100.00
  • Credits: 3
  • Course Travel: Field Trip to Gramigna Brewery

BUS / PSYC 460: Organizational Behavior: An Evidence-Based Approach

Important Note: This course was formerly PYBS 460.

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the basic concepts and topics in organizational behavior with three main areas of focus: the individual, the interpersonal, and group levels. At the individual level, this course will cover decision-making, motivation, and personality. At the interpersonal level, power, influence, and negotiations will be discussed. Finally, at the group level, the leadership and organizational context will be explored.

Effectively using organizational behavior concepts means being a leader – i.e., being able to diagnose problems, communicate clearly, and make effective decisions that will motivate and influence others to effectively drive organizational change all within a diverse environment. This course will help students gain leadership skills within a structured, supportive classroom environment.

The course service learning project will use organizational behavior concepts studied in this course to help Birrrificio La Gramigna at the interpersonal and group level.

Course Objectives
At the end of this course, students will have:

  • Reflect on organizational behavior concepts at the individual, interpersonal and group levels
  • Develop applicable critical thinking skills regarding organizational behavior concepts
  • Generate effective leadership skills
  • Analyze how organizations and people within them work
  • Gain knowledge of how leadership motivates and influences people regarding organizational change
  • Design a project with community partner that applies organizational behavior concepts as viable solutions for a well-defined issue
  • Create and broadcast materials that will help students to start thinking about their future careers
  • Constructively criticize fellow students’ work

Course Materials
Coyle, D. (2017). Culture Code. Random House.
Collins, J. (2009). Good to great: Why some companies make the leap and others don’t. Harper.
Drucker. P. (2006). The effective executive. Harper Business.

Course Fee
$100.00 – Includes books in digital format, visit and tasting at Gramigna brewery