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  • Discipline(s): Education Psychology
  • Available: Spring Semester 2024
  • Course Type: Seminar & Practicum
  • Taught in: English
  • Course Fee: None
  • Credits: 3
  • Course Travel: TBA

ECUC/PSYC 353: Education in Italy: Seminar and Practicum

Course Structure
This course has two main academic components: one experiential (practicum) and one reflective (seminar). The practicum provides you with direct experience in an inclusive professional setting for 3 hours per week. The seminar meets every week for 1.5 hours to explore disciplinary theory through readings,  discussions, and personal reflection.

Course Description
The weekly seminar component is designed to expose students to the structures of the Italian educational system in order to identify similarities and differences between the educational systems in Italy and the United States, explore different pedagogical models and teaching practices between the two systems, share their experiences, and to look deeper into alternative multicultural educational systems such as the rapidly growing numbers of international schools throughout Italy and worldwide.

The overall goal of this course will be to learn ways to scaffold teaching (in all subject areas) to meet the growing needs of multicultural students with diverse backgrounds, both in Italy and abroad. Through various in-class discussions as well as the school placement, students will increase their understanding of how educational systems, culture, and pedagogy influence student learning. The practicum is a means of applying scaffolded teaching practices and theoretical knowledge to gain practical, field-specific experience. Students will work with local primary and secondary schools. Practicum placements are determined by students’ and schools’ class schedules and will be decided during Week 2.