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  • Discipline(s): Psychology
  • Available: Spring Semester 2023
  • Course Type: Seminar & Practicum
  • Taught in: English
  • Course Fee: TBA
  • Credits: 3
  • Course Travel: TBA


PSYC 353: Education in Italy: Seminar and Practicum

Important Notes:

  • Spots are limited. An application is required, which you will receive by email. The Umbra Institute will not be able to guarantee enrollment to all that apply
  • This course was formerly CESP 353

Course Structure
This course has two main academic components: one experiential (practicum) and one reflective (seminar). The practicum provides you with direct experience in an inclusive professional setting for 3 hours per week. The seminar meets every week for 1.5 hours to explore disciplinary theory through readings,  discussions, and personal reflection.

Course Description
In the seminar, you will examine educational psychology, pedagogical models, and English language teaching methods.

In the practicum, you will be assigned to a local elementary, middle, and/or high school to work closely with English language teachers and Italian students. Depending on the placement and the teachers’ needs, you may assist with lesson planning and classroom instruction or design and implement English language workshops with a specific theme, such as music or travel. At the end of the semester, you will present your practicum experience to the Umbra community.

Course Objectives
By the end of this course, you will have

  • a heightened sense of intercultural awareness;
  • an appreciation for how the community partner, as part of the host culture, conveys an identity and sense of place;
  • a body of disciplinary knowledge and theory with which to interpret and analyze the internship experience; and
  • critical thinking and communication skills as a result of integrating theory with practice and synthesizing learning into a final project.

Course Materials
Selected readings will be provided in class