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FSST 397: International Culture, Cuisine, and Culinary Practice

Course Description

This course is designed to engage and immerse students in active learning related to international culture, cuisine, and culinary practice in settings outside the United States. Through participation in this course, students will explore the culture of the host country, cuisine as it is related to the culture, and common food preparation and service practices.  

Learning Outcomes and Assessment Measures 

Below are the course’s learning outcomes, followed by the methods that will be used to assess students’ achievement for each learning outcome. By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  1. List some significant moments in Italy’s history and describe how they relate to the development of the cuisine.
  2. Summarize, using specific examples, the influence of culture, politics, and economy on Italian cuisine today.
  3. Identify the region of origin of certain ingredients, beverages, recipes, processes, etc.
  4. Prepare and serve representative dishes to demonstrate knowledge of local cuisine practices discussed in class.  
  5. Compare and contrast local dining-related businesses and services to service and experiences in the US.  
  6. Identify artists, works of art, architecture, and other discoveries that helped to influence the Italian culture.