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  • Discipline(s): Various Disciplines
  • Available: Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
  • Course Type: Internship
  • Taught in: English
  • Credits: 1-4
  • Course Travel: no


INT 299/399/499: Internship

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Internships allow students to enhance their academic studies through real world experience. The Umbra Institute works with a range of partners to establish internship opportunities for our students. Industries and fields represented by current partners include food and hospitality, marketing and communications, sustainability and environmentalism, and international education.

The Umbra Institute staff works diligently to locate partners who match the needs and interests of our students. However, internship options are limited based on the types of businesses and professional organizations found in Perugia and Umbria. There may also be limits based on language requirements, with some partners needing interns to have an intermediate-level ability in Italian, but most are conducted entirely in English.

Students interested in pursuing an internship while at the Umbra Institute must submit an inquiry several months before their arrival. This is necessary so that we can identify an appropriate partner for you and complete the paperwork required by Italy for internships. This includes developing a syllabus for the internship that summarizes the project, outlines learning objectives and outcomes, and identifies methods of assessment. This work needs to be completed prior to your arrival in Italy so it is imperative that you contact the Umbra Institute Academic Director as early as possible to begin discussing your specific interests.

Student interns are assigned a faculty advisor and are required to meet with them regularly throughout the semester to monitor progress on meeting the requirements and learning objectives of the internship. Internships are assigned the appropriate disciplinary code, academic level, and number of credits based on their nature and scope.

NOTE: Internships take place in May and June (post semester) and are only open to students that studied at Umbra during the spring semester.