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  • Discipline(s): Music
  • Available: Fall Semester 2023 Spring Semester 2024 Summer Session I Summer Session II
  • Course Type: Standard Courses
  • Taught in: English
  • Course Fee: 350-700 $
  • Credits: 1-2
  • Course Travel: No


MUSC 300: Instrumental Performance

Note: This course was formerly MUIN 300.

Course Description
Instrumental Performance courses are ideal for students who would like to develop their performing skills in a wide variety of instruments (all instruments of the violin family, brass instruments, piano, guitar, percussion instruments, and more) while studying abroad. Students are assigned to a dedicated instructor who designs an individualized program based on the student’s needs and their home institution’s requirements. At the end of the semester, students are asked to perform either a solo or an ensemble for the public. 

Each class is part of the General Studies curriculum and is included in the general tuition. Additional fees may apply if a student selects more than three music courses. Classes are taught in English and are held at local music schools, located in the center of Perugia. Interested students must contact the Umbra Institute ahead of time in order to understand the most suitable program for their level, as well as expected goals.

Course Materials
Handouts will be provided by the instructor.

Course Fee
350 $ for the 1-credit course (15 contact hours); 700 $ for the 2-credit course (30 contact hours)