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Eurochocolate Coats Perugia

Chocolate has a long association with Perugia, from the early days a hundred years ago when the Perugina chocolate factory started here up until now. This year’s edition of the famous Eurochocolate festival opened Saturday morning with perfectly limpid skies and just a bit of wind. Accents from all over Italy (Bergamo, Naples, Venice) are to be heard in the streets as people search for just the right chocolate.

One of the perennial highlights is the choc-sculpture contest, where artists from Perugia compete in carving their masterpieces from huge blocks of dark chocolate, with the crowd being treated to the pieces chipped away. This year’s edition even had a socially responsible aspect, with the Equochocolate stand in the former papal fortress distributing information about fair trade chocolate. For a look at the festival, paste this link into your browser for the city’s webcam.

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