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Under the Tuscan Sun…

Last Friday, Professor Peter Fischer took a group of students out of the class room for an authentic (and delicious) culinary experience. The first stop? Poggio Antico, a tiny medieval hamlet tucked away in the hills of Tuscany with just over two dozen inhabitants. After a tour of the biodynamic and organic farm, given by two of the farm’s residents, one of whom had four legs and a tendency to scare the goats, students were lucky enough to sample Poggio Antico’s renown cheeses and yogurt, all made on site with gourmet care and attention typical of Italian cuisine. From there, it was a short bus ride to a quiet farm in the Chianti region, where students donned aprons to prepare a wonderful multi-course lunch. Directed by the farm’s kind and cheerful family, students learned how to make ravioli, bruschetta, gnocchi, and an especially delectable tiramisu. Lunch was taken quite literally under the Tuscan sun, at a long table with views of the Apennines looming in the distance. Needless to say, students returned to Perugia happy and full!

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