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Ashley Palmer

Endicott College

Fall 18 Rep

[email protected]

‘Ciao! I am a nursing major from Endicott College in Beverly, MA. During my time at the Umbra Institute, I was a part of the Food and Sustainability Studies Program, which was one of my favorite things about studying here. The workshops and field trips allowed me to get outside the classroom and delve into the culture of Italy with an interesting perspective. I was lucky to stay in this small, hilltop city — Perugia is truly a unique place with its small and hilltop. Each day is a new adventure, whether it is overcoming the language barrier at the local supermarket or stumbling across a temple from the fifth century. Living in Perugia and learning about its people could never get old (although everything is literally so old here). For these reasons and so many more, I am so thankful I had the opportunity to study abroad here!’