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Goooo Team Umbra!

On Saturday, Umbra students dusted off their soccer shoes for maybe the first time in years to play calcio, the national sport of Italy. They brought their Umbra spirit all the way to victory, winning several soccer matches against the home team, the ONAOSI Institute. The gracious hosts provided a beautiful Umbrian backdrop with 2 soccer fields, talented players, and a referee. As luck had it, the weather was perfect and everyone enjoyed soaking up the warm fall afternoon sun. What had nothing to do with luck was the teamwork, infectious energy from the fans, and the spirit of the game. Go Team Umbra!

For anyone interested in the Swedish chocolate ball recipe from the game…here it is!

Chokladball Recipe (Serves 24)

3 ¼ c. oats = 260g
1 ¼ c. granulated sugar = 250g
6 tbsp. cocoa = 36g
1 tsp. vanilla
2/3 c. butter = 150 g
5 tbsp. coffee and/or milk
½ c. powdered sugar

Mix dry ingredients using your hands. Mix in coffee and butter. Roll into balls. Roll in powdered sugar or coconut and chill.

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