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Hungry? Why not Gim ch’è Bulo??

Do you love getting out and trying new food? Are you unsure about the many different kinds of coffee in Italian cafes? Need some restaurant inspiration?

Take a look at Umbra’s newest newsletter “Gim ch’è Bulo,” a culinary guide to all things Perugia (and beyond!), written by two self-proclaimed culinary adventuring staff members, Cat Tartaglia and Gina Fabbro.

Gim ch’è Bulo highlights tasty places you should try, provides information about dining etiquette, breaks down the world of coffee, and more! This is by no means an all-inclusive guide, but hopefully it will get you going in the wonderful culinary world of Italy!

Download the newsletter by clicking the link below:

Gim ch’è Bulo Culinary Newsletter- Summer 2014

Contents of this edition of Gim ch’è Bulo:

The Mangifesto – pg.1

Where should I go for…? – pg.2-3

La Bottega di Perugia – pg.4

Food Events/All Eyes on Ubu Re – pg.5

I Put a Spell-O on You – pg.6

Coffee Talk – pg.7

Wait, Can I?/Eating Out – pg.8

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