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Intensive Italian Adventures Abroad

small-logo-supermercato-meleUmbra’s Spring 2016 students arrived this past weekend to begin their Study Abroad experience in Perugia, Italy. Throughout the weekend, students were welcomed into the Hotel Giò before being shown to their apartments and taking part in a weekend of practical and academic orientation. Once the weekend ended, Umbra’s Direct Enrollment students made their way to the University for Foreigners to take their placement exams while General Studies students began a week of Intensive Italian.

Umbra’s Intensive Italian week is unique in the way that it allows for students to spend their mornings being introduced to Italian vocabulary and grammar, and their afternoons participating in an interactive cultural activity that shows them how to put their new knowledge of the language to use. During the practical activities, professors show their students how to use public transportation in Perugia, order a coffee, and more.

“It’s fun learning new tricks to get around town,” said Nell Jacobson, an Elementary Italian student, who described her thoughts after being brought to the supermarket earlier this week. In addition, Paris Parken, also taking Elementary Italian, emphasized the usefulness of reviewing the more basic vocabulary that is essential when living abroad.

Students now have the weekend to explore Perugia and the surrounding area as they get accustomed to their new home. On Monday, elective courses will begin.

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