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Looking for Greenery? A Student’s Guide to the Best Outdoor Spots in Perugia

An opinion piece by Amanda Hutson

As someone who loves being in nature, I’ve spent my first month in Perugia seeking out the best parks and gardens to spend time in. Whether it’s for a stroll, to read, or to watch the sunset, here are some places to check out.


Carducci Gardens

This spot is well-loved by many Umbra students–and Perugians, it seems–and it’s one of my favorite spots to watch the sunset after class. It offers a panoramic view of Perugia that never fails to amaze me. The park has lots of benches to sit on, and if you walk down the short staircase and cross the street, there’s even more benches and a stone wall to sit on. Spending time here has been a nice way to relax after I finish a long day of classes.


Frontone Gardens
These gardens are located in one of my favorite areas of Perugia, as it’s quieter and filled with cute shops. It’s a great place to take a walk to, and I’ve spent lots of time reading in the gardens. Once it’s a bit warmer, I can imagine it to be a great place to eat lunch with a friend at, too. In the park, there are a few statues and a historical arch, which you can read about to learn more about the city. While it doesn’t offer a stunning panoramoric view, it’s a great place to relax and soak up some sun.


Porta Sole Viewpoint

I remember seeing this view on one of my first days in Perugia, and I was so amazed that I’ve been coming back ever since. Porta Sole gives an undisturbed view of the northern part of Perugia, and the Umbrian hills behind it. You’ll be able to point out the University of Perugia and the University for Foreigners. If you’re someone who prefers the pinks and purples of a sunset to the oranges and reds, this park gives a complete opposite view of the Carducci Gardens.


Barton Park

Located at the very end of the MiniMetro, Barton Park is one of the largest green spaces in Perugia, and it’s well worth the 20 minute journey. It offers a vast amount of walking paths, flowers, trees, grass, fountains, and a cafe to grab a drink at. While I’ve only been a couple times, I’m looking forward to exploring it more as the weather warms up. It seems to be the perfect place to lay down a blanket and relax in.

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