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Multicultural Psychology Students Visit National School for Guide Dogs

Last Friday, Multicultural Psychology Program (MPP) students went on a field trip to Florence, where they visited the National School for Guide Dogs. The school endeavors to change the lives of the blind/visually-impaired individuals by training 30 dogs each year.

The trainers explained to the students all the steps that must be taken before giving a dog to the person who requested it. The health of both the dogs and the recipients is given high priority. All of this is possible thanks to a network of psychologists, veterinarians, and volunteers who are constantly taking part in a long-term project that has a huge impact on all the actors involved.

Students were lucky enough to meet Carlo, a blind person – as he calls himself – who shared his experience. Carlo will get his dog in May and is currently training with four dogs.

The National School of Dogs is a public institution that is completely funded by the Region of Tuscany and dogs are provided free of charge to the recipients.

If you want to learn more about Umbra’s MPP Program, click here.


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