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On the hunt for a great pizza

Last night, in another installment of the Safari series, Umbra students went after the slowest-moving prey in the Italian trophy field: a great pizza. Perugia, like every Italian city, is filled with great pizzerias, but sometimes the best are the ones you just might not notice. Umbra staff member and student guidebook coordinator Zach Nowak lead a group of Umbra students through Perugia’s back alleys to several little-known pizzerias, finally stopping at a no-name hole-in-the-wall in the Via della Viola neighborhood where the pizzaiolo (pizza maker) is called Felice (“Happy”) and the pizza is delicious. Over their slices the students discussed different toppings, why pizza is associated with Naples, and the extra-price-for-extra-goodness Italian favorite, mozzarella di bufala. A good time – and what’s better, a good pizza – was had by all.

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