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FSN 309/509 Topics in Food, Diet, and Culture
A Chapman Travel Course Led by Dr. Prakash & Dr. Pacchioni

The Umbra Institute Center for Food, Sustainability & Environmental Studies in the lovely hill town of Perugia will serve as our host to explore Itay’s farm-to-fork food system. We will visit farms, markets, and wineries, go fishing with local fishermen and truffle hunting in the Apennine Mountains to explore sustainability and the impact of global pressures on their food systems. Visits to balsamic vinegar production in Modena, Parmesan cheese and prosciutto production in Parma will allow us to explore ancient foods made in modern facilities. 

This course is open to graduate students in Food Science and undergraduate students in the Nutrition minor and Italian Studies. 

All students are invited to contact us through the form above regarding the program’s cost and to ask about the 100% tuition waiver available for students who will have completed 15 units (graduate students) or two full semesters (undergraduate students) by the end of the spring semester. 

Housing & Student Life

All student apartments are located within walking distance of the Institute and the city’s many events and amenities. With panoramic views abound, the city invites exploration and discovery around every corner.

Apartments are fully equipped (WiFi included!) making it easy for you and your friends to plan a nice dinner in or for your living room to become a meeting place before going out to catch your next train or plane out of town, or to explore pizzerias, trattorias, or coffee bars.

Being a university city, Perugia hosts events throughout the year—from Eurochocolate to the Umbria Jazz Festival. Whether attending one of Umbra’s workshops (ex. Travel Workshop) or events (ex. Wine Tasting), there is always something to do!



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