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Pasta in Passignano

Side-by-side, Arcadia students and volunteers of the Orsini family’s eco-friendly farm became a pasta making factory. The tradition of pasta making came alive as students kneaded, rolled, and cut the dough made of eggs and flour. However, the day was much more than feasting on tasty, farm fresh Italian cuisine; students toured the self-sustaining farm where facilities were constructed of materials from the earth- hay and dirt. Recycled plastic and glass bottles in the walls cleverly transformed the sunlight into a stream of color. Arches of growing vines formed a picturesque terrace.


The location of the farm in Passignano also provided a postcard worthy backdrop as students and Arcadia staff discussed orientation information to ensure a safe and exciting semester. At the end of the day, students were rewarded with the pasta they had made to bring home to Perugia and share in the fruits of their labor.

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