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Perugia santa!

While we like to refer to the center of the city as a campus,Perugia isn’t just about academics and cultural experiences. The city also has a very eclectic religious life that hums quietly along. There are of course all sorts of possibilities for Catholic masses – in the main cathedral, in a medieval oratory, or under Renaissance frescoes in a small church – but there is also a Jewish center, a mosque, and a Baptist church with a bible study group.For more information, ask one of the staff or refer to the list at the end of any Viva Perugia, a monthly available for €.80 from any newsstand.

A special event this month will be a prayer vigil, lead by Pope Benedict XVI, for peace between the Americas and Europe. The vigil will be on March 1 at the Vatican and entrance is free, but with the obligatory ticket. Ask a staff member for more information.

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