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Perugia’s Nooks and Crannies

Perugia has about a 3 to 1 ratio of nooks to crannies, Umbra Institute students found out yesterday. Sunday afternoon saw two editions of the “almost internationally-renowned” (as history professor Zachary Nowak describes it) tour of Perugia. Nowak took the students on a sun-drenched traipse around Perugia’s center, recounting anecdotes and stories about monuments and people in Perugia’s past.


The tour, not intended to be a historical tour in the strictest sense but rather an entertaining walk around the city, included answers to such questions as “Where was the aqueduct that brought more debts than water?”, “Why is everyone’s last name?”, and “Why is the bread here so bad?” (in Via dell’Acquedotto, because the orphanage gave that name to foundlings, and because of the Salt War of 1540). Nowak, who will teach a class on the history and culture of food in Italy this summer, will lead the Coffee Workshop next week

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