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Pigotta Dolls and Language Exchange at UNICEF

Umbra students participating in the UNICEF volunteer opportunity are well on their way to completing their handmade Pigotta dolls for adoption.  Each doll that is adopted buys vaccinations for at risk children in other countries. 

UNICEF Oct-1_ The Umbra Institute

For two hours each Monday, students from the Umbra Insitute and Italian students from the Università di Perugia come together to sew their dolls and practice their Italian and English.  Each doll takes on a unique personality with help from local Italian women heading the project.  Students enjoy volunteering for a good cause and meeting members of the community.  On Monday, October 1st, everyone finished drawing faces on their dolls and began sewing on hair. 

Each student makes one doll and later in the semester will help sell them during the Mercato di Natale (the Christmas Market). 

The Pigotta Project was started in Milan in 1988 and continues to support UNICEF’s immunization program. 

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