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Some Suggestions for Last Things to Do

Today is one of the Umbra Institute’s last days for the Spring 2011. Here are a few things to do before you leave…

5. Taste a Bacio .
Most of the Italian classes have toured the home of the world-famous chocolate and hazelnut baci this week, but if you missed out, drop by Ciao Ciao’s store and get one!

4. Relax by the shore of Lago Trasimeno.
The biggest lake in central and south Italy, Lago Trasimeno is only an hour away from the center of Perugia by train. There are several sleepy towns around the lake with gelato and docks for relaxing, but the Umbra staff suggests going to Castiglione del Lago for its impressive views and historic center.

3. Walk through the “underground city,” over the Roman acqueduct, and into the Duomo.

We walk past these landmarks around town everyday, but have you ever actually been inside? Perugia’s most interesting historical sites are all free and right here in the center: the Roman Acqueduct, the Etruscan Well, the Tempietto and Tower of Sant’Angelo, the Duomo, and the Rocca Paolina. Talk to Zach if you need help finding these spots.

2. Eat Pasta alla Norcina, Torta con Salsiccia ed Erba, and Hot Chocolate from Augusta Perusia! Pasta with Umbrian sausage and truffles, typical Umbria torta, and to-die-for hot chocolate… you can’t go home without trying these Perugia specialties.

1. Picnic in the grass on a sunny afternoon at San Francesco.
At the bottom of Via dei Priori you’ll find the church of San Francesco and the big grass lawn in front. Pick up sandwiches from Parma (another Perugia must-eat) and bring a blanket and your iPod.

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