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…Spring in Perugia!

Well, not quite, but it sure feels like it! With about a week of nearly 60 degree weather behind us and more to come, spring is in the air at the Umbra Institute! The students are beginning to get a taste of what the outdoors life is like in Italy: the main point of congregation is Piazza IV Novembre (Google Maps link) and its scalette (steps), which dominate the city in the summer.

Since they are bathed in Mediterranean sun for the vast majority of the day, the new midday pastime is getting an olive oil-drizzled panino (with prosciutto, salame, or other local treats), taking a seat, and chatting with your neighbors – be they American or Italian. Every year, students list the steps as one of their favorite aspects of Perugia, and for good reason. The concept of a main piazza as a central meeting point is a huge part of the Italian lifestyle, so Umbra students are truly beginning to experience la bella vita.

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