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Student Eats 3 Pizzas in Minutes!

The stakes were high as seven Umbra students competed in the first annual Pizza Eating Contest. The winner–the one to eat the most pizza in 6 minutes–won an all-expense paid weekend getaway to Florence.

The first heat placed Jay Eardley and Ross Dillard against Anne McGrath and Erin Bruno (shown in photo with team pizza-eating uniforms). Ross won the first heat by consuming nearly 2 pizzas in the time allotted. The second heat pitted 3 roommates against each other–Tyler Pace, Denver Miller, and Reid Williamson. Knowing the amount to beat, Williamson downed 3 whole pizzas in only six minutes.

The 6-foot-7 winner from Rochester Institute of Technology has been training for this competition since he arrived in Italy by consuming as much Italian food as possible. The contest was sponsored by the Umbra Institute and hosted by Quattro Passi, the best pizzeria in Perugia.

In photos: the Umbra pizza-eating contestants pose with Gennaro, owner of Quattro Passi pizzeria; Erin Bruno and Anne McGrath sport contest jerseys before consuming nearly 2 pizzas each in six minutes; Reid Williamson shoves the first of 3 pizzas into his mouth.

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